Crown Paint Company’s modified Polyamide Epoxies create a durable and tough chemical resistant coating that produces maximum protection against common corrosive chemicals, moisture, abrasion and atmospheric contamination. Offered in a wide variety of formulations that meets a broad range of commercial uses.

Hi Build Epoxy

  • Superior adhesion.
  • Self priming.
  • Extended pot life.
  • Excellent Flow and Leveling.

Clear Epoxy Sealer

  • Excellent adhesion to PCC.
  • All day pot life.
  • Excellent film as prime coat.
  • Extremely fast dry.

Coal Tar Epoxy

  • Tough abbrasion and chemical resistance
  • Good corrosion and salt water resistance
  • Excellent flexability
  • Interior / Exterior applications

Data Sheets

Product TDS SDS
Hi Build Epoxy A Product Data SDS
Hi Build Epoxy B SDS
Clear Epoxy Sealer A Product Data SDS
Clear Epoxy Sealer B SDS
Coal Tar Epoxy A Product Data SDS
Coal Tar Epoxy B SDS