Our Products

Industrial Coatings

Crown Paint Company’s Gloss Alkyd Industrial Enamels are premium quality modified enamels that provides superior durability and weathering performance in exterior or light industrial environment.

Royal Coat Latex

A workhorse commercial latex coating designed for use on interior and exterior surfaces.Latex formula for interior/exterior use,Low odor and VOC compliant,One coat coverage,Easy Water cleanup,Lead, chromate, and heavy metal free.

Corral Coat for Metal Pipe Fences

The need for a unique paint to coat pipe fencing was developed to enhance the application of a “paint-mitt”. Unlike regular paint, “Corral Coat” Rust Preventative Coating is literally loaded with pigmentation that out-covers,

Swimming Pool Paint

Chlorinated Rubber Acrylic Pool Paint features specially treated resins which improve its resistance to submersion, pool chemicals and intense UV. It provides superior color retention reducing chalking and fading.

Waterborne Finishes

Water Reducible Enamels & Primers,Alkyd formula for interior/exterior use,Direct to Metal (DTM),Low Odor,Easy application & Cleanup,Excellent flash rust and corrosion resistance.VOC Compliant


Crown Paint Company’s modified Polyamide Epoxies create a durable and tough chemical resistant coating that produces maximum protection against common corrosive chemicals, moisture, abrasion and atmospheric contamination.


Crown Chassis Black Undercoater Enamel is a fast dry, one component industrial finishing enamel.

Crown Chrome Finish Aluminum is a single component ready-to-use, leafing aluminum paint.

Crown Clear Acrylic Sealer is a one component, solvent-borne, clear acrylic.

Crown Fire Retardant Latex is a fast curing water-based fire retardant coating.

Crown Strippable Booth Coating is a single component fast drying vinyl coating strippable coating.

Crown Zone Marking Paint is designed for use on cured concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Crown Zinc Dust Primer is an industrial finishing primer for a variety of metal products.

Crown Liquid Paint Remover is a professional grade fast acting paint stripper.