Corral Coat for Metal Pipe Fences

The need for a unique paint to coat pipe fencing was developed to enhance the application of a “paint-mitt”. Unlike regular paint, “Corral Coat” Rust Preventative Coating is literally loaded with pigmentation that out-covers, out-lasts and will out-do any mitt applied paint for fences. If you do not like to use a paint-mitt, Corral Coat works great with a brush or roller for metal.

Corral Coat Rust Preventative Coating

  • Thick and Creamy so it sticks to a paint-mitt.
  • High degree of rust preventative pigments.
  • Select a color which is right for your farm or ranch.
  • The BEST pipe fence paint on the market.

Data Sheets

Product TDS SDS
Corral Coat Product Data SDS
Suggested Primer:
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Product Data SDS